Flower Essences

The healing capacities of flowers have been revered throughout history. Whether you are in the midst of a physical or emotional challenge, seeking support to make shifts, or want to simply enrich your life, flower essences offer a pathway to change subconscious imprints and beliefs which in turn liberates you to live in your truth – full of health, happiness, and peace.

Flower essences are liquid infusions of fresh flowers – a gentle, yet powerful form of botanical medicine that is derived from the vibrational properties of plants and flowers. Flower essences are prepared by infusing flowers in water under the sun or moon.  Similar to how sun tea is made, the sun pulls the healing properties of the flower into the water.

Flower essences catalyze deep healing by helping the body’s entire system return to its natural state of harmony. They are your ally and agent for self-discovery, well-being, and ease. When we clear out our unhealthy and limiting patterns, beliefs, and imprints, we liberate ourselves to create a life we love.

Flower essence sessions with Holly Goldberg, PhD create a nourishing outlet that empowers profound healing and change.

Dr. Goldberg’s knowledge about the healing property of flowers is based on years of research in the field listening to and observing flowers and the impact these botanical powerhouses create on an emotional, physical, and spiritual level.  She alchemizes flower essence formulas based on her extensive study of the scientific signature of plants and flowers as well as the long-standing research conducted by pioneer flower essence companies such as Alaskan Essences, Bach Flower Remedies, Delta Gardens, and Flower Essence Society.

Dr. Goldberg offers individual flower essence sessions including a customized flower essence formula, an effective and potent tool to help you ground your life in health, balance, and fulfillment. Personally formulated flower essences are alchemized to synergistically offer comprehensive support from various directions simultaneously.

Flower Essence Apothecary also offers a complete line of flower essence products including flower essence formulas and flower essence mists.


“The body of the plant helps the body of the sick person, but it is the spirit of the plant that heals disease.”

Seminole Native American Wisdom


Flower Essence Apothecary is founded upon the belief that we are resilient and capable of repair at all stages of life. Our mission is to provide sensitively attuned counseling services and top of the line flower essence products to support the awakening and reclaiming of health, happiness, and internal balance.



This is your invitation to restore balance in your life. The opportunity to receive the support you need to reclaim your truth and experience profound health and alignment is available today. Rekindle safety and freedom. Resolve insecurities and instill confidence, strength, and grace in your life. Now is the time.  Find out more by scheduling a free 15 minute consultation.

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