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Flower essence sessions with Holly Goldberg, PhD create a nourishing outlet that empowers profound healing and change.

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 Learn more about Holly Goldberg, PhD, Flower Essence Apothecary, and the revered use of flower essences for health and healing.

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Visit Flower Essence Apothecary’s selection of flower essences and mists that support gentle change at an astonishing speed. Shop now for the formula that best matches your needs.

Flower essences are a gentle, yet powerful form of botanical medicine that help repair imbalances and bring about emotional, physical, and spiritual health and well-being. Visit our signature product line of flower essences and mists. By liberating oneself from old, limiting beliefs and patterns flower essences create the support to uplift the heart and free the soul. Flower essences offer gentle, yet potent support to live the life you have been wanting. Now is the time to take healing to the next level.


Book a flower essence session today and receive a customized flower formula that is alchemized to synergistically offer comprehensive support. 

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Radio Show Featuring Dr. Goldberg

A personal account of finding inner trust

Lara Martin from the Pregnancy, Birth, and Beyond Radio Show on Bay FM 99.9 interviewed Dr. Goldberg. This is Holly’s story, candid and real. Her story of trusting within despite life’s unexpected challenges. There are many layers to her story. There are the events taking place and the story beneath the story. While the events of this story may differ or perhaps mirror events in your life, the story beneath is one most of us, if not all of us can relate. It is a story of a Heroine’s Journey. This is a story of healing spiritually and physically from the inside out.


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