Holiday Self-Care Tips

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This time of year is often highlighted with family, festivities, and (unfortunately) triggers. Good rest, healthy eating, and exercise easily fall by the wayside with celebrations, travel, and rich foods punctuating our routines. Add to the mix family dynamics and the financial demands of gift giving and it is understandable why so many feel overwhelmed and taxed.

I invite you to take extra care of yourself during the holidays by building up your inner resiliency with a personalized flower essence sessionBook now and use code JUSTFORME at checkout to receive 15% off.

Top 5 Self-Care Tips:

  1. Connect with nature to refuel. Take time to get outside, feel the earth under your feet, and the sun above you. Flower essences are bottled liquid plant energy that when consumed creates similar healing effects like when in nature. Flower essences make an excellent holiday gift.
  2. Create space and time for yourself. Prioritize self-care by booking time for yourself. A flower essence session is an excellent place to start. Flower essences can help ease the stress of the holidays while also providing protection when around triggering family members. Flower essences that are good for supporting self-care are Supported Mama, Calm, and Honey in the Heart.
  3. Decline invitations. Recognize the tendency to overbook your days with obligations and responsibilities. You don’t have to do it all and be it all for everyone. Decide what is realistic and practice having healthy boundaries. Supported Mama flower remedy is my go to remedy for this.
  4. Seek balance with a flexible attitude. This is a time of year to have fun and go a little overboard while minding personal limits. Avoid buying extravagant gifts that are beyond budget and resist over indulging in foods that leave you feeling guilty, bloated, and lethargic. Enjoy by taking care of yourself.
  5. Relax, unplug, and do nothing. Schedule down time for yourself so you are sure to honor your commitment to restorative rest. Calm and Sweet Dreams flower formulas are excellent compliments to all relaxation rituals.

Sourced from nature, flower essences give us access to the healing properties of plants. These botanical remedies can help us repair stress, challenge, trauma, childhood imprints, and limiting personality characteristics.  This creates more opportunity for us to express ourselves, maintain healthy relationships, and embody our personal strengths in the world.

Join me in doing the holiday season differently this year. Stock up in flower essence power and book a self-care flower essence session.


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