New Year Intentions

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Happy New Year!

New Year resolutions are flowing like the champagne from last night’s celebrations.  We are quick to welcome the new year with positive intentions. Many will amp up their gym, meditation, and yoga practices.  Others will recommit to eating cleaner and others will integrate flower essences into their support system with a free discovery session. Whatever New Year pledge you make, we all share the interest in creating the momentum and commitment to better ourselves and our lives.

The key to keeping New Year resolutions rests on the availability and quality of support to propel us out of what we know into the unknown territory of where we want to be. Flower essences are one of the most under-recognized and highly effective forms of botanical medicine that expedite healing, personal growth, and change. They are your ally and personal assistants for this new year – whether you are dealing with stress and trauma, challenging thoughts, beliefs, and emotions, wanting to create change in your life, or needing to address physical ailments, flower essences can help.

But What Are Flower Essences??? 

Let me demystify these botanical powerhouses of healing support and make them more tangible and accessible.  Every plant and flower has a vibration. Flower essences introduce a new vibration – one that is aligned with balance and health. Like a radio transistor, we can change the station and tune into a channel with less interference and static by taking flower essences.

What’s The Best Way to Take Flower Essences?

It is easy to integrate flower essences into your daily routine. The best way to take flower essences is the way that promotes daily consistency.  Here are a few options:

  1. Take flower essences orally from a dropper bottle. Shake the bottle and then allow 3 drops to fall into your mouth 3 times a day without letting the dropper touch your mouth.
  2. Mix 3 drops of flower essences into a glass of water 3 times a day or put an entire dropper full of flower power into your water bottle and consume throughout the day.
  3. Place flower essence drops directly on your skin 3 times a day or add a dropper full to a soothing bath.
  4. Add flower essences to food or drinks. They are a perfect complement to smoothies, salads, chocolates, and wine. Please note: Flower essences should not be heated or combined with meat or dairy.

Join the Flower Revolution

2017 is the year of the Flower Revolution. It is time to tune in and get flower powered. Flower essences are your go-to liquid form of botanical support for mind, body, and spirit. Take inventory of your inner terrain and let flower essences help re-establish internal equilibrium.  Head over to the shop to pick the flower power that best aligns with your life and book a free discovery consultation.


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