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During these very unsettling political times it is up to us to be a beacon of love for ourselves, families, communities, nation, and world.  We are all being called to love more, cultivate more love, shine more love, be more love, spread more love, and understand love more. Flower Essence Apothecary loves to love and is dedicated to supporting the healing power of love.

Love encourages us to open and expand into the strength found within our vulnerability, the courage within our softness, and the resiliency within our sensitivities.  Love invites spaciousness into our hearts and lives.  Sourced directly from nature, flower essences give us access to the healing properties of plants that can, in turn, help us re-establish love as a foundation for all that we are and all that we do by repairing patterns of imbalance due to stress, challenge, and trauma. The exciting part is, I have some amazing, love-filled flower goodies for you!!!!

Flower Powered Love

In honor of love, I am featuring 3 flower essences this month (Plus they are 15% off and purchase of all three includes an elegant gift box. Enter Code MORELOVE at checkout.)  Flower essences help cultivate love by healing old, unhealthy patterns that keep our hearts protected and isolated.  My top flower powered love essences are:

  • Cultivate sweet tenderness and courage in the heart with Honey in the Heart Flower Essence Formula.
  • Establish safety in yourself and your life, so you can let go, open up, let in, and be love with Safe Flower Essence Formula.
  • Build inner resiliency and intimacy with Supported Mama Flower Essence Formula.

My Gift to You

wildblueyonderroseIn honor of love, I am also giving away a free bottle of Wild Blue Yonder Rose flower essence with every purchase of $40 or more for the month of February.  This is one of my all-time favorite flower essences. Wild Blue Yonder Rose flower essence ignites love in all the right places at all the right times, flooding your heart with pure, uninhibited love.  This heart opening remedy promotes the exchange of pure, overflowing, interactive, and mutually engaging love.  It is bottled, divine love, the kind of love that breaks down all blocks and fills your heart with pure connection. There is a limited supply of this love infused flower essence, so act now.


I Love to Love

Self Love. Romantic Love. Community Love. Friendship and Family Love. World Love. Flower Love. Be love. Every moment is an invitation to love more, starting with yourself. Flowers help.  Love yourself by upping your self-care and booking a flower essence sessionContact me for more information.

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  • DS Healing Arts

    Awesome Post Holly! Thanks for sharing.

    • Holly Goldberg

      Glad you enjoyed it. Much love.

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