Happy Love Day

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Valentine’s Day offers the perfect opportunity to spread and experience love with the healing power of flowers. That is why I am giving you two flower gifts!

  1. A $5 coupon towards your next purchase (enter ILOVEYOU at checkout to redeem).
  2. A free bottle of Wild Blue Yonder Rose flower essence with every purchase of $40 or more for the month of February.

Wild Blue Yonder Rose Flower Essence
Roses are known throughout history as the queen of heart openers (that’s why they are so popular on Valentine’s Day). Wild Blue Yonder Rose flower essence ignites love in all the right places at all the right times, flooding your heart with pure, uninhibited love.  This heart opening remedy promotes the exchange of pure, overflowing, interactive, and mutually engaging love.  It is bottled, divine love, the kind of love that breaks down all barriers and fills your heart with pure connection.

Invitation to Love More
Every moment is an invitation to love more, starting with yourself. Flowers help.  We are at a pivotal time in our country where love is needed on all fronts.  Especially when our hearts are heavy and our minds are overwhelmed with politics it is important to carve time for self-care and heart nourishment.

However you express and experience love, please remember that a strong, open heart and the ability to be kind are of the upmost importance during these trying times. Flowers are the perfect heart remedy for Valentine’s Day and every day. Give yourself the gift of love and contact me to book a consultation.

Self Love. Romantic Love. Community Love. Friendship Love.
Family Love. World Love. Flower Love. Be love.
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