Healing Through Breastfeeding

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HollyGoldbergPhDnursingDaughterBreastfeeding after breast cancer is rarely discussed, yet an important topic in light of the increasing number of childbearing women facing breast cancer today. Lara Martin from the Pregnancy, Birth, and Beyond Radio Show on Bay FM 99.9 interviewed me and another survivor who used nursing as a powerful and healing tool after breast cancer as well as a lactation specialist.

“No one outside of yourself can define your body. Even against all odds there is hope and potential available when you decide to trust your body. For me that meant that becoming a mother after facing breast cancer and being able to nurse.” Listen to the podcast.

This radio show is one of several interviews posted on my new web page, In the News.  Learn more about my healing journey as a breast cancer survivor and how I was able to trust and listen to my body.  Listen to radio interviews and podcasts.  Read my evidence-based articles and publications. Find out more about how I weave psychology and science together with flower essences as a platform for my life and practice.


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