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Cancer challenged and changed my sense of safety in the world, my body, and life in general. It shocked me so deeply that I still feel the echo of it today. I would like to say I embrace life more fully now because of cancer. I would like to say I experience joy in my everyday life because of cancer – but I don’t think any of that is true, unfortunately.

IMG_4585What I can say is that I know my own strength and courage more intimately than I know anything. I trust in my decision making and I feel a profound connection with my body that is unwavering in the face of medical jargon. I am devoted to teaching my daughter by my example that it is admirable to be vulnerable enough to experience weakness as well as strength in the face of life’s challenges.

The multiple surgeries, countless biopsies, scares and discoveries, and having to advocate (unsuccessfully) for myself in court against my health insurance has kept cancer in the forefront of my life more than I would have liked over these past six years. I have struggled and overcome on many fronts. I am humbled by cancer and myself in the face of it. Today I celebrate and offer a few tips from the lessons I have learned.

  1. Integrate breast exams into your monthly routine. Know your body so you can detect any changes early. #feelitonthefirst
  2. Harness the support you need to cultivate inner balance by booking a flower essence session.
  3. Build a felt sense of safety so you can manage whatever life presents to you.  Stock up on our Safe Flower Essence.
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