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Today’s parents are under an incredible amount of pressure to be perfect, even before their child is born. This high standard of perfections may be doing more harm than good. Tune in as Lara Martin from Pregnancy Birth and Beyond, 99.9 Bay FM, Byron Bay, Australia interviews Dr. Goldberg about the benefits that arise when parents are authentic in their natural fumbling and imperfect ways of navigating the bumpy road of parenthood. Dr. Goldberg discusses how traumatic births, separations, misattunements, and fractures within the parent-child relationship can be useful opportunities in teaching children about repair and resiliency.  Learn how to use disruptions as an important tool in building your child’s healthy brain development and relational skills with self, other, and the world at large.

am-i-doing-enoughDr. Goldberg states, “Our brain has the incredible capacity to attune and connect with a primary caregiver and in doing so that connection and relational dependency between the child and the caregiver will help structure the child’s brain so they can grow up healthy, strong, and resilient in this world.”

Tune in to our collection of radio interviews. A link to the full interview, The Good Enough Parent, as well as a library of other interviews can be found on the In the News page.

Flower Essence Support

Flower essences offer unparalleled support in building resiliency and creating repair after fractures.  Our specialized children’s line offers our best selling, Mommy Hugs flower essence formula that quickly and effectively supports separation anxiety by helping children establish a sense of inner safety and connection from within.  Another must have flower essence formula for all parents is Supported Mama.  This self care formula washes away stress, overwhelm, and fatigue by building confidence, calmness, and ease from within. Its resourcing nature instills strength, stamina, and patience and acts like a balm for every mother’s soul.  Supported Mama is great for all caretakers.

If you are interested in learning more about how to build resiliency and create repair, and/or individualized flower essence support, please contact us.

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