Repair and Resiliency

Today's parents are under an incredible amount of pressure to be perfect, even before their child is born. This high standard of perfections may be doing more harm than good. Tune in to Dr. [...]

Feel It On The First

Six years ago today I was diagnosed with breast cancer. That unexpected and life changing moment followed by the cascade of trauma that ensued thereafter has taught me how fragile and precious [...]

Spring Cleaning

Time for spring cleaning. We don’t need our lives and bodies to yell at us through ailments, challenges, and crises to let us know it is time to cleanse our mind, body, and spirit. Flower [...]

Flowers and Love

We are all being called to love more, cultivate more love, shine more love, be more love, spread more love, and understand love more. Learn how flower essences can help create more love in your [...]

New Year Intentions

Bring in the New Year with flower power! Many will amp up their gym, meditation, and yoga practices, others will recommit to eating cleaner. Read more to learn how easy it is to integrate flower [...]


A flower revolution has been sparked. Petals of love and protection are all we need to harness profound healing and liberation. Katie Hess’s newly released book, Flowerevolution demystifies [...]

Brave and Vulnerable

When we stand up in our vulnerability we demonstrate that we are strong, we are courageous, and we are resilient. This is why I agreed to be a model at last week’s fashion show fundraiser for [...]

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