About Dr. Holly Goldberg

I first became familiar with flower essences more than twenty years ago while living in Hawaii. I was captivated by the healing potential stored within flowers and began making and using flower essence from the sacred flora of the land. The potent flower essences I created were powerful, yet gentle. They created an ideal space to heal old wounds, patterns, and beliefs in a safe and supportive manner. Flower essences fueled my already existing commitment to and interest in health and wellness and became the foundation of my career.

Through my exploration with flower essences my fascination of health grew and lead me to focus on maternal and child health.  I spent decades working with families as a certified doula, childbirth educator, and counselor, infusing flower essences into my practice whenever possible.

Flower essences have wisdom to offer and are a gateway for change to occur. Plant medicine is a consistent and effective bridge that weaves together all of who we are and reveals deeper layers of our potential for health and wholeness.

My practice as a flower essence counselor and alchemist is informed by psychology and science and braids together my extensive research background, knowledge about health, and my passion for flowers. My custom made flower essence formulas infuse support while pealing away layers of old, undermining beliefs, patterns, and imprints.  The results create the foundation for well being to thrive. My approach is to support empowerment and equilibrium from within. It is from there that we are able to make informed decisions that are in alignment with our truth, leading to deep satisfaction, health, and balance. It is my deep honor and pleasure to partner with you on your path.

With reverence for the healing power of flowers,

Holly Goldberg, PhD

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