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A Personal Account of Finding Inner Trust Radio Show

Lara Martin from the Pregnancy, Birth, and Beyond Radio Show on Bay FM 99.9 interviewed Dr. Goldberg.  This is her story, candid and real. Her story of trusting within despite life’s unexpected challenges. There are many layers to her story. There are the events taking place and the story beneath the story. While the events of this story may differ or perhaps mirror events in your life, the story beneath is one most of us, if not all of us can relate. It is a story of a Heroine’s Journey. This is a story of healing spiritually and physically from the inside out.


Healing Through Breastfeeding Radio Show

Lara Martin from the Pregnancy, Birth, and Beyond Radio Show on Bay FM 99.9 interviewed Dr. Goldberg. Breastfeeding after breast cancer is rarely discussed, yet an important topic in light of the increasing number of childbearing women facing breast cancer today. Tune in and get informed and inspired by the experiences of two survivors who used nursing as a powerful and healing tool after breast cancer along with evidence-based research from a lactation specialist.  “No one outside of yourself can define your body. Even against all odds there is hope and potential available when you decide to trust your body.  For me that meant that becoming a mother after facing breast cancer and being able to nurse.”


Healing Power of Flowers on NPR Radio

Listen to DJ Lea Love from One Woman’s Perspective of KVNF NPR radio interview Dr. Goldberg.  Learn more about the healing power of flowers in this riveting radio show that explores a significant and effective complimentary health care modality, flower essences.  Dr. Goldberg states, “Flower essences introduce a new frequency into your system and it is going to change the frequency in which you are resonating. That change helps catalyze a very profound shift in your mood to help you feel better, and most importantly how your personality has structured itself.”

Good Enough Parent Radio Show

Today’s parents are under an incredible amount of pressure to be perfect, even before their child is born. This high standard of perfections may be doing more harm than good. Tune in as Lara Martin from Pregnancy Birth and Beyond, 99.9 Bay FM, Byron Bay, Australia interviews Dr. Goldberg about the benefits that arise when parents are authentic in their natural fumbling and imperfect ways of navigating the bumpy road of parenthood. Dr. Goldberg discusses how traumatic births, separations, misattunements, and fractures within the parent-child relationship can be useful opportunities in teaching children about repair and resiliency.  Learn how to use disruptions as an important tool in building your child’s healthy brain development and relational skills with self, other, and the world at large.

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Advocacy and Volunteer Efforts for Breast Cancer in the News

Dr. Goldberg is active in raising funds for Santa Barbara’s Breast Cancer Resource Center.  Her story as a survivor was recently featured in the center’s annual give letter and she volunteered as a model for their Annual Tea and Fashion Show. Dr. Goldberg’s actively shares her story as a survivor to inspire hope and a steadfast commitment to listening to one’s body.

Santa Barbara Independent featured an article about the Breast Cancer Resource Center’s Annual Tea and Fashion Show Fundraiser. The article states “Another model, Dr. Holly Goldberg, shared how after completing her dissertation on informed medical decision making, she thought she knew everything there was to know about healthcare choices. Two months later, she got a breast cancer diagnosis and realized nothing could have prepared her for this, ‘I was shaken to the core.’ According to Goldberg, the BCRC offered compassion and understanding. When leaving the center, ‘I left with my heart soothed and my arms full of books from their lending library ready to figure out how to proceed.’”

Dr. Goldberg’s Publications

Goldberg, H. & Shorten, A. (2014). Differences between patient and provider perceptions of informed decision making about epidural analgesia use during childbirth. Journal of Perinatal Education. 23(2), 104-112. Read article.

Goldberg, H. & Shorten, A. (2014). Patient and provider perceptions of decision making about use of epidural analgesia during childbirth: A thematic analysis. Journal of Perinatal Education. 23(3). Read article. 

Goldberg, H. (2009). Informed decision making in maternity care. Journal of Perinatal Education. 18(1), 32–40. Read article. 

Goldberg, H. & Verny, T. (2007). The potential risks of ultrasound examinations on fetal development. Journal of Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health, 21(3). 261-269. Read article. 

Andre, L. (July/August, 2009). Report: Providers fail to fully inform patients. Mothering Magazine, 29. Popular press article devoted exclusively to citing the findings from H. Goldberg’s publication “Informed Decision Making in Maternity Care” in the Journal of Perinatal Education. Read article.

Publications Dr. Goldberg Contributed To:

Roadside delivery podcast. Dr. Berlin’s Informed Pregnancy

VBAC podcast. Dr. Berlin’s Informed Pregnancy

Pregnancy taboos podcast. Dr. Berlin’s Informed Pregnancy

Facts about the tax podcast. Dr. Berlin’s Informed Pregnancy

Going green podcast. Dr. Berlin’s Informed Pregnancy

Toxic sleep podcast. Dr. Berlin’s Informed Pregnancy

Brown & H. Goldberg. (2014). The simple guide for first mothers: Practical tips for the first year of parenthood. Self published on Amazon

Meehan (2015). Sacred Cesarean Birth Guide: A Planned Entrance into the World. Self published on Amazon (edited by H. Goldberg) 

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