Flower Essence Counseling

Holly Goldberg, PhD weaves together twenty years of experience supporting women and families with her extensive knowledge about the healing properties of flower essences to create the optimal environment for your healing journey. Each session includes a customized flower essence formula that makes change accessible in an efficient and effective manner. Personally formulated flower essences are alchemized to synergistically offer comprehensive support from various directions simultaneously.

Contact us for more information about sessions, pricing, and to schedule an appointment. Complimentary 15-minute consultations are available. A select number of subsidized consultations are available for those who are in need.


Individual Flower Essence Session

A one hour session is devoted to addressing your present circumstances and revealing your underlying beliefs and patterns. A custom flower essence formula is included to facilitate support, insight, and healing.


Flower Essence Sessions for Children

Flower essences are extremely beneficial for children of all ages, particularly during developmental and emotional transitions. Depending on the age of the child, the session is conducted with just the parent(s) or with the child and parent(s). A custom flower essence formula (made with vegetable glycerin as the preservative instead of brandy) is included to support wholeness and well-being.


Flower Essence Intensive

Three monthly one hour sessions create the container to delve deeper into the change you desire. Each monthly session adds to the momentum of optimizing healing shifts and includes a custom flower essence formula to facilitate support, insight, and healing. The monthly sessions and formulas cultivate resiliency and vitality while releasing old patterns.


Flower Essence Journey

A commitment of six monthly one hour sessions along with a 15 minute check in session each month provides the opportunity to create and sustain change. Together the individualized sessions and monthly flower essence formulas untangle your present circumstances and create the opportunity for profound change to take root. Each monthly session includes a custom flower essence formula that adds to the momentum of optimizing healing shifts.

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