After many years of the fallout from chronic pain I finally feel better in so many ways that pain medicine couldn’t touch. After my consultation, I realized Dr. Holly Goldberg has a deep understanding of the many issues life’s struggles bring us, and the negative effects on our body, mind, and spirit. The proof is in the bottle she sent me. I feel so much better emotionally and mentally. My mind is not so foggy.   I have more energy and can finally focus on my daily routine long enough to accomplish the things I set out to do to completion. I haven’t felt like this in years. Wow! I thank you from the bottom of my heart. ~Barbara Nordyke


Dr. Holly Goldberg created a flower essence for my daughter who suddenly started experiencing extreme separation anxiety. I noticed an immediate shift after she began taking her flower essence formula. She no longer was clinging to me and getting upset when we had to separate. The essence made these moments so much easier. It was particularly helpful when introducing a new babysitter, which previously would have been extremely challenging. Having the support from the flower essence formula made it a smooth transition.  After only a few days of taking the flower essence formula my daughter was able to establish a foundation of inner security. It worked, not because I wanted it to, it just worked… quickly and effectively – plus my daughter loved having something special just for her to take. I highly recommend Dr. Holly Goldberg as a valuable support to children while facing developmental challenges of all sorts, physical and emotional. ~Raphaela Riparetti, mother of two girls


At first I felt calm, but now I feel a deep sense of repair. For the past few decades, I have worked with several highly esteemed flower essence practitioners, so I am very familiar with the vibratory qualities of the formulas and the impact they have on mind, body, and soul. I believe that healers have an innate gift that when coupled with advanced education and refined intuitive skills create a strong pathway for uplifting energies and repair. I believe Holly is a true healer in the most authentic sense. Her knowledge of the essences combined with a deep understanding of the human spirit enables her to create remedies that work on more than one level. I’ve worked with her formulas three times so far and notice that each time they immediately address the acute symptoms and then within hours establish a feeling of deep repair, stability, and support. She’s truly a gifted healer.

~SW, Executive coach and business consultant


Dr. Holly Goldberg made me a custom formula to help me recover after my recent neck surgery. Having had several surgeries in my life I can confidently say I’ve done incredibly well this time with less need for pain killers than in the past. My doctors have all been very impressed by how well my body’s been able to repair so quickly and with no complications.

~Bonny Miller


The flower essences Holly made for me have helped me to feel safer.  I am finding it easier to leave the house without experiencing a high level of anxiety.  It also seems that the frequency of the panic attacks have diminished.  

~Alexandra Freeman, mother of three


I immediately could tell that my body completely loves and resonates with my customized flower essence formula. I have renewed sense of clarity and feel less distracted. There’s a lightness and brightness in my head that makes it easier to concentrate even with a lot of intense emotional and mental distractions going on at the same time.

~Charissa Maller, PhD, therapist specializing in holistic parenting

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