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When we connect with the ancient wisdom and healing power within the natural world we open to new realms of knowledge and balance within ourselves in a different way that are not limited by past beliefs and traumas. Flower essences are your ally to increasing vitality, immunity, and inner harmony. The essences help us release old patterns and return to a deeper level of awareness, happiness, and comfort in our lives. They are particularly helpful during times of transition, challenge, and growth.

Dr. Goldberg specializes in cancer survivorship and childbearing families. According to her clients her work has been life changing.  Read more about her specializations.

Specialization in Cancer Survivorship

As a breast cancer survivor I know first-hand how challenging diagnosis and recovery can be. Making sense of treatment options, digesting medical jargon, retaining important facts, formulating questions for your provider, and navigating your way through critical choices are necessary tasks that can be challenging when overwhelmed with the emotional and psychological implications of a cancer diagnosis.

Flower essences are a balm for the mind, body, and soul. The combination of the custom flower essence formulas with my comprehensive understanding of cancer, along with my sensitively attuned support and comprehensive background as counselor for women help nourish and fortify your innate strength and resiliency.

Integrating flower essences into your healing journey strengthens the soul reestablishing an inner sense of safety, security, control, and trust in yourself and the world. This in turn helps fortify your capacity to heal and thrive. As a survivor, I have experienced the profound benefits of flower essences firsthand and it is my great joy to share them.

Specialization in Women, Children, & Families

I have more than twenty years of experience supporting women and children. However, not until I became a mother did I fully understand the power of the unique stages of childbearing and early child development.  Being a mother is my heart’s calling and has taught me more than I ever learned in my practice or education. I am sensitively attuned to the power and potential life has on a mother’s and child’s evolution and development. My passion and intimate understanding of the capacity of flower essences combined with my in-depth experiences working towards improving the culture of maternal and child care have provided me with the knowledge and expertise necessary to offer sensitively attuned and specifically formulated flower essences for women and children. It is my great honor to support families in this capacity.


“I felt like I couldn’t breathe after I was diagnosed. The wind got knocked out of me and I didn’t know how I was going to find solid ground again.  I was bombarded with decisions and doctor appointments. Working with Dr. Goldberg was my saving grace as she helped me find my ability to rise to the challenges of cancer and feel strong again.  She helped me work through the shock and challenges of being diagnosed and all the old stuff that that triggered in a gentle, supportive way. I know am proud of my scars and myself for how I faced cancer. Flower essences and Dr. Goldberg were a key part of my journey and I am forever grateful.”

Breast cancer survivor

“It has been two years of constant separation anxiety every time I had to leave my children for work. I have tried everything. After one flower essence formula we experienced a true a miracle. I don’t even know what happened. I literally said good-bye and walked out the door and they were fine. I never had them be so ok with me leaving. I am so thrilled beyond belief and forever grateful for Dr. Holly’s attuned support to help my family.”

Mother of three

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